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Red Dingo is an Australian company who have put together a wide variety of high quality pet ID tags. All the Red Dingo pet ID Tags are strength and safety tested to the highest quality standard in manufacturing terms and will not rust, break or corrode. We offer an engraving service at no extra cost, which is guaranteed for the life of the Red Dingo Pet ID tag.

Delivery time is up to 7 days.

Size small: Suits cats and small dogs.
The Red Dingo Cat ID Tags size small measures 20mm (4/5”) diameter. This allows for 3 lines of 8 characters (for best quality up to 6 characters). Or you can have 1 short line and 2 lines of 12 characters.

Suggestion on engraving:

6, CM166AX
01992 524077

Size Medium: 30mm diameter; You can have 16 characters on a maximum of 4 lines. (15*4 characters)

Size Large: 37mm diameter; You can have 19 characters on a maximum of 5 lines (19*5 characters)

Some of the Pet ID Tags below, are only available in the color shown in the first image, and other Pet ID tags, are available in 11 different colors. Click on the pet ID tag that you like, to view any available colors.

Don’t forget to enter your engraving text when you choose color and size of your pet Tag.